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2018年6月24日 (日)

body weight measuring of forpus coeiestis / with 29g / flying and dancing


She likes small box for body weight (BW) measuring. She look like happy.

Her BW is 29g and it's stable.

She is so light , we measure her with digital cooking scale for cake or so on.

At first I put small box and push turn on button. The digital scale indicates 0g. I bring forpus coeiestis to the box. She relaxes inside the box, several second after it measure her BW.

With anthocyanin rich feed and sun-bathing deepened her blue and green.

She flies and dances inside safe room vigorously at early morning with 29g her weight. Maybe that's all and complete things for her. Even if that is artificial conditions.
If she is in forest, she happier with a boyfriend. But besides it predators will appear. For a moment I guess the sight she fling in a blue sky without limits.

Because every thing which mankind relates is in an instant artificial one, we aren't able to avoid it, karma in asian buddhism words.







« about designs in our era / 『人形の国』/ 未来のデザイン | トップページ | 徳永進先生 / 〝豊かな終わりを求めて / メタセコイアの1000年 »

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