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2018年7月29日 (日)

after the storm we got "our blue sky" / チームとなる / 僕らは必ず取ってくる




After the typhoon#12, the storm yesterday, the sunny blue sky comes today.
A beautiful stuff sent me a mail, which said "we think we can get success, with Dr. Owada, thanks a lot."


After the work in TV studio I met a famous journalist to talk about medical issues. Yesterday the rain and the wind of storm were very strong. Although it's cold yesterday, in reversal it's very hot today.

Mamerurihajuly2018 マメルリハを外に出して、少し日光浴。

I brought our bird to outside to take sunbathing. She likes warm climate, she enjoys when she feels comfortable climate. She speaks with wild birds by their song-like words.   

The female smart leader ordered our broadcast team to fetched the aim, the flying saucer. We carried through it like a black border collie dog. We'd been running so many miles for so many days. 

Blueskyjuly2018_2 こういった夏の日、僕は思い出す光景があります。
I remember some visions when I's Dr working in ER. The linoleum floor was  white, because of small scratches it became some what shining dull grey.
We couldn't fetch "the flying saucer".


Off duty I saw linoleum floor for many hours till evening, I was thinking about our lost flying saucer, which was thrown too high in the sky when the patient got off the ambulance.
From the old wood framed windows warm wind was blowing again and again.


The chief nurse waved her hand, and sadly smiled. Leaving useless me alone there. It was her maximum kindness.
I said her "thanks" only in my heart, and I made a bow a little with a little bit of tears to keep from being seen. The ER staffs respected her, she was always right, always friendly to patients, and indicated us the truth of life.

I can't forget the feeling.
My sweat fell down inside a short sleeve Dr robe. I was alone in the ER room.

This team of a broad cast program was nice one, like medical team composed by several various members.


I'm usually wondering about I have been working as a good Dr for patients ? Is this adequate cares for them?  My words are suitable for medical information? and, and, and... usually wondering about
I always get lost in the "medical forest". Even if I work at big artificial city Tokyo, I get lost in various forests, I call it "Schwarzwald"s as a nickname.

Doctors tend to self-neglect to work for people like soldiers by training. We doctors are taught and trained that we are mere infrastructural methods in social system to care people safety. So if I burned my hand, I endured the pain not to pause medical practice.

Our work don't give us enough time to eat, sleep, go bathroom. So the life span of doctors tends to be relatively short. That's nothing.  We want to continue hard fights on our own will. We don't want to be praised by someone, only obey to ourselves will. That's nothing.

Every doctor is a "lonely boxer, lonely fighter". Because he or she is always lonely, nobody can't help. That's nothing. Only the works are friends.

I've worked as a doctor for about 30years. I experienced many things. That's nothing.

Have I worked as "a good a medical orderly" to care citizen ?

When I see such sunny blue sky in summer, I remember many things. The hot summer day might be my first birthday as a doctor.

Because all of us know spicy of life, this broadcast team will not lose, I believe in.

We will be able to fetch a difficult flying saucer thrown to the sky.

We will be able to fetch it along with the one thrown too high to the summer blue sky. I would bring together with the one I lost at the ER in summer...


Even if the light from summer sun will be so strong,
even if "Plein Soleil",
even if it will be difficult to carry out,
this team will definitely reach a "flying saucer", and always get success.
I believe in it.

Mamerurihajuly2018_2 彼らの戦いに困ったとき、彼らを護るために僕ははせ参じようと思う。左肩に、勝利の女神の碧い鳥をのせて。

I will rush to my team to fight with enemies together with goddess of victory, my ferocious and strong blue forpus coelestis on my left shoulder.


« Ehology indicates important things / rosting fox-tails while typhoon comes / マメルリハの豆を炒める / 台風 | トップページ | 熱中症は熱による障害 / 暑さ指数 / 労作性熱中症と運動 / 冷房の効いた建物内や地下、お店に »