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2018年8月26日 (日)

introducing suitable doctors to TVmedias / マメルリハを肩に戦う / 良き医師を紹介する


Morningmameruri_2〝The burnout patient〟を読んで、このpaperを読んだ。そういうもんだ。僕は、救急救命や脳卒中、心臓内科医を、そちらの面から取材すると別なものが見える、という〝置き手紙〟をメディアの方にした。お手伝いしたことがあるコードブルーは、そういった働く作業者からみたドラマティックな話だ。PLATENESプラテネスのように。










善良な迷えるメディアの人に、きちんとしたお話をできるひとを紹介できたから援軍でいてくれるだろう。僕は、正しい医療の元に患者さんや視聴者を護りたいと願っている。 English ↓
Drrobe2018 I got up earlier today morning, I read some papers related to brain.

Because I'm a neurologist, I like to read the articles.

I read J of Neurology, and the article "The burnout patient" is interested. Dr, Ns and comedlical staffs are sometimes burnout, but are patients burnout?

I also read this article.  It's difficult incomplete mankind help people. That's the truth around a world.

I cleaned cage of our forpus coelestis, she played water-pool of the tray. She likes small silicone frogs.

When I worked, I listen DISPACITO feat. Jastin Bieber by itunes. The spanish lyrics are fine,  for somewhat adult.

Several people belonging to media called me to make a medical explanation. I have to consult patients in my clinic, I introduced suitable doctors them.

A doctor is a chief of emergency room in a big general hospital, with whom I worked together to treat disconscious brain disease patients.  The days were tough days. I remembered clearly.

The doctors will make wonderful presentation, because they are specialist in the ways respectively. A chief-expert-doctor in an emergent critical center made a guideline to general-practical doctors.

In Japan sometimes non-expert doctors make "dull" or "wrong" explanations. Because I frequently bemoaned, I've already prepared. I called some expert-doctors to make precise correct presentations in TV programs.

Nikeshoes_2 The works completed smoothly, and I expect people will be able to hear correct presentations respectively. I felt satisfactions.

After I finished my business, I ran and swimed. I have to make power enough to fight diseases tomorrow with patients who will come to our clinic-office.
We will protect our patients like MORITOs in "the Knights of Sidonia".

MORI 衛 means protecting in Japanese, and TO 人 means a man, so MORITO means "someone who protect mankind (from enemies)".

The small MORITOs (mankind) have only one type weapon "KABI" to fight strong huge really big aliens called "GAUNA" or "SHUGFUSEN". Brain-games by cutting-edge science technologies by the peoples live in "Sidonia battle ship". The stories are wonderful, they have value to watch in the network movie like NETFLIX or HULU.

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